Protesters Take Legal Action Over Use Of Highbury Fields – London

Highbury Fields – one of only a handful couple of parks in London where fires are allowed – has beforehand been found to have elevated amounts of air pollution PM2.5, which occupants guarantee is caused by the quantity of individuals utilizing the joint for grills and barbecues.
Campaign Group Save Highbury Fields needs the council to stop allowing individuals to have barbecues there, and they have propelled lawful action as the most recent move in their battle.

Campaigners say the PM2.5 toxins is made up of fine particles which are inhaled in into the most profound piece of the lungs.
As indicated by specialists, long exposure to such smoke can exacerbate existing lungs and possibly cause heart problems e.g heart attacks or, on the other hand stroke.
Studies indicate levels of these lethal exhaust have taken off on days when barbecues are used, as per the campaign gathering.

“Highbury Fields is for the use of people who picnic, run, walk dogs, play, exercise and all this is adversely affected by the council’s barbecue policy.
1,200 people have signed our Save Highbury Fields petition to ban the barbecues which we will present at the September 21 council meeting,” said one of the protesters.
Another individual had to say this:-
“These are people from all walks of life – those disabled people in sheltered accommodation abutting the fields, people with respiratory illnesses, people afraid to expose their kids to the smoke in the park old and young rich and poor.”