Raila Odinga Reaffirms He’ll Be Sworn-in In As President Of Kenya

Kenyan politics has for a very long time been having a lot of controversial endings for more than 2 decades in counting. The threshold of the opposition is always a great that the ruling party always get stiff competition in any general elections.

In a recent twist by the opposition leader of Kenya, Mr. Raila Odinga has declared that he shall be sworn-in as the nation’s president despite the end of elections that were repeated in October 26th 2017. On altering this, he insisted that it shall happen if that is the cost of justice for the Republic of Kenya.

THIS was during the burial occasion of the late Kitui West Member of Parliament Francis Nyenze in Kabati region. However, According to the Kenyan constitution, such move could land him and his partners in court with charges of treason – an offence that is even punishable by death sentence.
Below is a speech by Raila Odinga on matters politics during the burial occasion in Kitui.

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“If death is the price that we must pay that Kenyans get electoral justice, that there is no more election rigging in future, we are ready to pay that price. We will be sworn in wafanye kile wanataka kufanya (let them do what they want).
We said we won the election and we will be sworn in. We have been warned with treason and death. I want to tell Githu Muigai and his boss. We will be sworn in and die,”
said Odinga.