Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Real and Fake Honey Differences, How To Identify/ Know

Real and Fake Honey Differences, How To Identify/ Know

Real and Fake Honey Differences is our topic of interest in this article. Most of us love eating honey. Despite the numerous health benefits it contains, it as well can smoothen facial skin when applied correctly.

Pure Real and Fake Honey Differences
Pure real honey and fake honey

First of all, most of honey sold in Supermarkets and other outlets is not real pure honey. Some vendors mix honey with water or even glucose. As a result, you might be spending lots of cash purchasing fake honey. Above all, pure real honey is not cheap, truth be told.

When pure honey is in a transparent bottle, it solidifies after a long period of time. At the bottom of the bottle, you’ll notice some granulated sugar like substances. An experimental test 1 is putting it in a fridge over night.

If it has no small crystals and is still watery, trust me it’s not pure honey. Also, check the label and see whether it has things like high fructose corn syrup or glucose written on it.

Other Tests.

  1. Glass of Water.
    Pour some water into a glass, then add a spoonful of honey. Pure honey will settle at the bottom while fake honey will start mixing with the water immediately.
  2. Matchstick test.
    Dip a matchstick in your honey then try lighting the matchstick. If it lights up, it’s pure honey, if it doesn’t, it not pure. The additives like water is the reason it doesn’t light up. You can also use a tissue paper to try the same experiment by trying to light it up.
  3. Vinegar test.
    Add some little honey with water in a bowl or a glass. Add 5-7 drops of vinegar into the mixture. If it starts to foam, definitely that is not pure honey.
  4. Thumb test.
    Put some honey on your thumb. Pure honey will stay put for long before starting to drip unlike fake honey. You may try the same using a spoon. Pure honey will trickle down slowly.