Road Accidents in Kenya Increase 2019 Reports

Road Accidents in Kenya Increase 2019 Reports. First of all, in a period of 2-3 months in a row, there have been an increase in road accidents in Kenya,  reports indicate. A big potion categorized in the month of December.

Above all, they are not yet controlled to the maximum since most drivers do overspeed, drive while drunk, as some are not well experienced on the long journeys yet they take over the task.

In the most recent incident, at least 15 individuals have been admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment following a road accident in Westlands urban estate along Waiyaki Way in Nairobi who were on Climax Coach travelling from Bondo, Siaya County, to Nairobi.

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According to reports, the bus is said to have crashed at the Waruku stage, near the Deloitte building in Waiyaki way Nairobi just minutes before alighting the passengers in Nairobi city. There was a massive traffic jam on the busy Waiyaki Way that connects most incoming PSV vehicles into kenya’s city despite the fact that authorities dispatched contradicting information on the exact number of the injured/ casualties.

As per the reports from the NTSA boss Francis Meja and the Nairobi Traffic Police commandant Mr. Peter Ndung’u, only seven individuals were injured in the accident.
But as by the data at KNH, at least 13 individuals were under treatment following the mishap and as well, were admitted at KNH.

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