Similarities Between Ethiopia Airlines Indonesia Airplane crash

Similarities Between Ethiopia Airlines Indonesia Airplane crash
Comprehensive data analysis and investigations by both the Ethiopian and American team have obtained successful data. This is in attempts to determine the actual causes of faults leading to the deadly crashes for the Ethiopian plane on March 10 and Indonesian plane on October.

In this article, we discuss the Similarities Between Ethiopia Airlines Indonesia Airplane crash. According to analysis of the black boxes recovered from both wreckages, October and March 10 disasters, both planes were Boeing 737 MAX 8s. Also, both crashed minutes after take off after pilots reported flight control problems. Concern over the plane’s safety caused aviation authorities worldwide to ground the model, wiping billions of dollars off Boeing’s market value.
The October’s incident claimed a total of 189 lives while the March’s 10 claimed 157 lives.

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Further investigations as to why both planes plunged after take-off? Both revealed the pilot’s frenzy moments leading to search for fixation before fatal crash. In both incidences, computers had ordered the planes to dive or get back. This was in response to data from a faulty sensors signaling the flights control problems. The U.S Federal Aviation Administration and U.S National Transportation Safety Board are facilitating the investigations. However, they haven’t validated this information but have sent the data to Addis Ababa for further analysis.

In addition, in Paris France’s BEA air accident investigation agency have transferred the data downloaded from the Ethiopian Jet’s cockpit voice recorder to be investigated. Likewise, in Addis Ababa it has been revealed that the plane had an usually high speed immediately after take-off before reporting problems. This is information from the air traffic control recording of the plane’s communication.

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The captain, in response to flight control system was in vain to get back to the airport before the crash.
The Ethiopian Boeing 737 MAX crushed after approximately 6 minutes in the air while the Indonesian crashed after being in the air for about 9 minutes. Finally, both have caused an abrupt closure of the company’s airlines to allow further investigations for the faults.

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