Stretch Marks Before and After Birth/ Pregnancy Remedies

During pregnancy or even after pregnancy, most women (up to 90 percent) of them usually develop stretch marks. This is because the body tries to adjust to the occasion on the fact their is a baby growing inside their body and as well, before and after birth as the body is trying to adjust to the new environment with or without.

At most instances, stretch marks are unavoidable since they come naturally so they shouldn’t be a great worry to you or your body changes during pregnancy. This is because a woman’s body usually undergo hormonal changes as it tries to adapt to the metamorphosism cycles pretty and post this period.
In this article, we are going to briefly discuss some of the best and most recommended ways on how to combat the development of stretch marks in advance before they become a disturbing issue to your looks.

Have a look at the best ways to handle stretch marks during and after pregnancy or birth:-
1.) By using skin Moisturizers
There are many skin moisturing oils available in the market however, one should always seek to the the best ones to apply on the expanding abdomen. A woman’s skin may start getting itchy on the abdomen and this is due to the stretch marks so the best way is to rub the oil gently on the affected areas after bath and before sleep at night. If you aren’t sure of the best oils to use, kindly visit your Doctor for some advise and recommendations.

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2.) Oversee on your weight
It is advisable to watch over your weight gain during this period despite you’ll gain some weight. Eating a well balanced diet is the best way to go about during pregnancy. Calories may be good however, fatty foods are not the best as the math may not equate to a positive result.

3.) Exercise
It is not impossible to exercise as some exercises do not require that amount of joules to complete a work out. Walking a kilometer or half a kilometre or even swimming are exercises that the body gains a lot from them. Exercise helps the body to detox, open pores and as well detoxifying the system which are among the best ways to stay healthy and live long.
On the other hand one can start attending a gym rota after birth gradually as this with hinder skin sagging and stretch marks from developing.

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4.) Keep your body Hydrated
Water is very essential for a healthy, strong, and disease free body. Water helps in over 80% of all the body functions of the main organs that keep us up and alive. For a pregnant woman, it goes without saying.
Water helps in detoxifying the body, keeping the skin plump as it maintains its elasticity.
It’s is advisable for one to drink at least 6 glasses of water on a daily basis. It is not a must to drink at once, but at intervals or even sipping throughout the day.