See The Best & Latest Google Products and Services To Have

Google technology company products and services 2018—2019

Google is the best of all worldwide websites, platform and portal for searching anything on the Internet across the globe or in the whole world.
While many of us may be thinking that Google is just a search engine, the truth is not that because google Company has more than that.

Google Company has many other Information Communication Technology products and services that are really doing good in the world market ever since they were rolled out. Besides all, Google CEO Larry Page is as well planning to roll out more products and services across the globe, some being Softwares and others as hardware.

Google has a lot to offer yet. Below are some of the Google Technology company products and services you ought to know and go for, since Google has the best and a good guarantee ever in terms of digital and technology. Have a look at them beneath:-
– A social networking platform,
– A language translation service,
– Web email portal,
– A phone number replacement service,
– Video-conferencing software,
– A map of the world,

– An Internet search engine,
– Robot assistants,
– Self-driving cars,
– Balloons that broadcast Internet signal,
– Drones that deliver goods to homes,
– Computers you wear like glasses,
– A news Portal,
– Calendar software,
– Application’s such as spreadsheet, word-processing, and photo-editing Softwares,
– Cloud storage for businesses and consumers,
– Cloud computing for businesses,
– A website for watching Internet videos.
– A web browser,
– A smartphone/tablet operating system,
– Computerized contact lenses,
– Software for creating and maintaining blogs,
– An online video rental and software store,
– Laptops and desktop computers,
– and many more,and more to come…