The Top 10 Biggest and Most Visited Shopping Malls In Kenya

Top 10 Best shopping malls in Kenya 2019-2020

In East and Eastern Africa, Kenya has for quite a number of years been known to be the most developed as compared to its counterpart countries e. g Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, etc. Kenya has a fairly steady economy, put something aside for a little drop amid the election period of 2017 that left the nation slightly unstable since August 8th 2017 to October 26th 2017.

Besides all, Kenya has in the recent past been named as one of the best nations in Sub-Saharan Africa with the biggest shopping malls.
Kenya presumably is the biggest retail market in East Africa followed by Ethiopia. There have been concerns that the shopping mall populace is rising quickly and the accessibility of shopping centers might be able to more than the demand thus loaning different shopping malls outdated and keep running into misfortunes… well, up until this point, all shopping malls are doing great.

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Other ultra present day shopping malls are thinking of arrangements for 3D housing architect for individuals to live, work, shop and play, all under the same building 🏢.

    The following is a list of the top 10 greatest, biggest and most visited shopping malls in Kenya.

1. Two Rivers Mall

2. Garden City Mall

3. Westgate Shopping Mall

4. Thika Road Mall

5. The Junction Mall

6. Yaya Centre Shopping Complex

7. Galleria Shopping Mall

8. The Sari Centre

9. Village Market Nairobi

10. The Hub Karen