This Powerful Drink Prevents Cancer, Cleanses The Liver, Lowers high BP

In spite of the fact that beets once in a while rarely wind up on home or eatery and restaurant menus, they are currently attempting to end up noticeably a table centerpiece. Since they are wrapped in a scarlet of red velvet, it’s strange on how they have been neglected for so long.

Beets are dynamic little power plants, loaded down with phytonutrients that fill in as cancer prevention agent and anti inflammatory agents. They are rich with intense supplements and nutrients that guard against birth problems, coronary or heart illnesses and even certain sorts of malignancy/ cancer.

Below are the 6 reasons why you should add beets to your diet more frequently:-
1. Prevents Constipation
The colon is a highway in which traffic jams are a painful nuisance. Since beets are high in fiber, they keep waste moving along at the proper speed limit to ensure healthy bowel movements. Studies seem to indicate that betacyanin, a phytochemical compound in beets, may help wage war against colon cancer.
2. Anti-Cancer Properties
Recent studies show that beetroot extract has been effective in treating pancreatic, breast and prostate cancer. It also reduces tumor formations on organs. The powerful combo of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are showing positive results in lowering cancer risks.

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3. Detoxes Your Liver
Many of us forget that our bodies need a robust detoxification process. Countless toxins and other types of waste can create severe health problems if they aren’t eliminated. Beets are able to destroy these invaders from liver cells, while also bolstering the immune system.

4. Reduces Risk of Birth Defects
Vitamin B is swimming inside beets and one of its properties – folate – can lower the risk of birth defects. Beets are also packed with Vitamin C, potassium and manganese. To function properly, nerves, muscles, kidneys, the pancreas and liver must have a steady dose of these essential minerals.

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5. Fights Inflammation
Most chronic illnesses and diseases begin subtly, with mild inflammation. A natural nutrient in beets, betaine, acts as armed guards to shield internal organs, cells, protein and enzymes from inflammation stress.

6. Lowers Your Blood Pressure
Nature pours a generous supply of nitrates into beets. Nitrates have been credited with lowering patients’ blood pressure levels in only hours. One study reveals that drinking one glass of beet juice can reduce blood pressure as much as 4 to 5 points. Once nitrates convert nitric oxide, blood vessels relax and dilate, which improves blood flow.

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