Top 10 Applications That Drain and Kill Phone, Tablet and Laptops Battery

Applications that drain Mobile phone, Tablet and Laptops battery quickly

In the recent past, there have been so many mobile phone applications that have been created and even some of them are readily available in the Google play store for download.

Despite the authenticity to be in the list, some of those apps usually do drain the mobile phone or tablets or laptop battery to a greater extent, truth be told. This is because some of these applications do run in the background without the awareness of the user or the mobile phone owner while some even can’t be stopped not unless they are uninstalled.

At first, it’s always good for one to know specifically which kind of apps he or she is or had downloaded previously since some may even come with a virus to their gadgets.
To put it clear, Google products and services is among the best sources of good applications one can search and download. Google is the best of all I terms of all latest Technology hardware and software products and this is why they are globally recognized, ranked no. 1 as well as the best service providers in terms of Information Communication Technology.

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In this article, we are going to highlight to you on some of the applications that probably you have installed in your hardware or gadget or mobile phone that are usually responsible in draining off your battery charge. Some of the applications are as listed below:-
1.) Snapchat
2.) Facebook old App
3.) Netflix
4.) Clean Master
5.) BBC ( App
6.) Outlook App
7.) Spotify Sw
8.) Amazon shopping App
9.) Futball24 App
10.) Surfspot WI-FI