Top 10 Causes Of Heart Attacks That Has Killed More Than 102 Million People This Year

A heart attack is the death of a segment of heart muscle caused by a loss of blood supply. The blood is typically cut off when a vein providing the heart muscle is hindered by a blood coagulation.
On the off chance that a portion of the heart muscle ceases it’s functioning, a man encounters chest pain and electrical shakiness of the heart muscle tissue. Here, we will cover information about how and why heart attacks happen basically on the top 10 causes of heart attack.

Age – when a man is over 45, and when a woman is over 55.
Angina – causes chest pain due to lack of oxygen or blood supply to the heart.
High cholesterol levels – increase the chance of blood clots in the arteries.
Diabetes – increases heart attack risk.
Diet – for example, consuming large quantities of saturated fats.
Genetics – you can inherit a higher risk of heart attack.
Hypertension – also known as high blood pressure .
Obesity – or being significantly overweight.
Smoking – smokers are at much higher risk than non-smokers.
HIV – people who are HIV-positive have a 50 percent higher risk.
Work stress – those who are shift workers or have stressful jobs.

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