Top 10 Largest Countries In The World

top 10 largest and smallest countries in the world 2019-2020

Which country on earth is largest by area? Here are the top 10 biggest largest countries in the world according to the latest statistics from the United Nations.
A country in this list means a sovereign state, which has a firmer definition than a country. A sovereign state is a geographical area with an independent political government.

The United Kingdom is for example a sovereign state but Scotland is not, since Scotland is partly governed by the UK Parliament. In the same way, China is a sovereign state but Tibet is not, since Tibet is unwillingly ruled by China. Nor is Greenland a sovereign state, even though it has become increasingly independent from Denmark.

So how big is Denmark? You’ll find the answer in this list of the largest countries in the world, where all areas (and population numbers) are taken from UN’s latest proper statistics, compiled in 2017 (population numbers in 2015). The area numbers in this list refers to the country’s total surface area, comprising land area and inland waters (major rivers and lakes) and excluding polar regions and uninhabited islands.

As a result, below are the top 10 largest biggest countries in the world.

10. Algeria

9. Kazakhstan

8. Argentina

7. India

6. Australia

5. Brazil

4. China

3. United States

2. Canada

  1. Russia