US Is not a “Credible” Superpower, EU Chief Tells Donald Trump

According to the latest developing news, BRUSSELS’ Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini has today launched an extraordinary attack on the United States and Donald Trump, citing that the bloc is now the world’s only “credible” superpower.

Federica Mogherini blasted the US President over his plans of isolating themselves of the nuclear deal matters. She also accused Trump of pursuing a global policy of “fear, protectionism and confrontation”.
The Italian eurocrat, who did not directly name US President Mr Trump during her long speech of accusation and criticism, instead advocated a new “European way” of conducting international affairs that takes a more open and transparent approach.
Her remarks demonstrate once more the dire state of relations between Brussels and Washington, which have become increasingly strained by the US President’s actions on the world stage.

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The latest stand-off between the pair is over the Iran nuclear deal, which Mr Trump is trying to back the US out of but which the EU insists is legally binding and cannot be broken.
Speaking at a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday, Ms Mogherini did not hold back in her criticism of policies seen as a withdrawal of the US from the global arena.

She also mentioned of her plans for an EU army however, she elaborated very well by orating that they are not having any intents to militarising the continent but giving Brussels the clout to act as a major player on the world stage in the future.
Besides all, she went ahead and attacked US President Donald Trump by saying this;-
“There is an alternative to the foreign policy of isolation, fear, protectionism and confrontation, and this is the European way.
There is only one global power today that is credible, reliable and predictable for the rest of the world and not only to its citizens – and this is the EU.”

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