Video Clip Of A Kenyan Officer Beating a Serviceman Officer – Download or Watch

Trending video of NYS Serviceman being beaten

There has been a recorded raw video that has been trending on the Internet social media platforms. The video which is still not known when it was recorded, is of two paramilitary officers. One of the officers is seen beating his fellow officer using a wooden stick as the other is seated on the ground.

The officer is heard shouting in swahili language while giving his fellow officer some serious discipline. He is heard telling his fellow officer to smear himself with mud on his face.
“Jipake kwa uso haraka haraka. Enda chini, sijaona kitu umepaka kwa uso…”.

Towards the end of the mercilessly discipline unedited clip, the officer with the wooden stick asks the one on the ground whom he had left for his phone to watch over it. This is what he says;
Kwa nini unatoroka wakati mimi nakuita? Ulikua umewachia nani simu akuchungie?”
Other officers are seen passing by near the scene but do not seem to bother with the saga of what is going on with the one who is being disciplined.

According to reports, the video might be one of the experiences that the NYS youths usually undergo while in their trainings in the camps. This is because the uniforms worn look similar to those of the National Youth Service, NYS. Download or have a look at the unedited video clip Below;-