Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

What Makes a Computer Fast and Powerful?

In this article, we are going to discuss on what makes a computer fast and powerful.
First of all, there are several components within a computer that help make it faster and overall more powerful. Below is a list of the main hardware components that help contribute to the performance of a computer. Keep in mind that open and running software may also impact the speed of a computer.

What makes a computer powerful and fast
Whay Makes a Computer Fast and Powerful ?

Things That Make a Computer Fast and Powerful

  • Proccessor
    First, the overall speed and potential of a computer depends on the scale of its processor. Again, a bigger processor is capable of processing numerous commands or instructions in seconds. Today’s processors are multicore GHZ which are capable of processing over million instructions per second.
  • Cache
    Despite the fact that today’s computers can execute millions of instructions every second, the processor is usually waiting for those instructions. If the Ram and Hard Drives are slower than the CPU, that would definitely slow you down. This is because computer processors and motherboards use cache to transfer data between all the components in the computer. Hence Cache is the fastest type of memory. Due to that, a computer with more l2 or l3 is capable of storing more instructions and send those instructions to the processor more efficiently.
  1. Memory (RAM)
    A computer with more memory is capable of storing many programs. If your PC runs out of memory, the computer swaps unused data stored in memory to your hard disk drive until it is needed again.
  2. Hard Drive
    One of the main reasons a computer slows down is because your hard drive is full. Another main cause is because if moving files from one location to another.
  3. Operating system
    Again, having the latest operating system can be very significant in the overalloparation of your computer.
    REASON: A good example is this. Although today’s operating systems release updates to support new technologies, older operating systems may not receive these updates. For example, a computer with Windows XP will run slower than a computer with Windows 10. This is because it not only supports all the latest hardware, the computer also has more recent technology.
  4. Software
    Finally, the type of softwares you using can affect the speed of your computer. This depends on how they were written, their debug issues and so on. Always use the best, accredited and certified software’s for excellent PC performance. Always ensure you update your software’s whenever necessary or need arises.
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