Why You Need To Learn PHP Computer Programming Language 2019

Information Communication Technology is a vital organs and pillar in today’s world for any successful kind of business, investment or Entrepreneurship goal. This is because more than 80% of all the kind of business involvements especially in the developed and developing countries has been computerized.

Many of us have heard of computer programming, software development, website development or web design. In order to be able to perform this tasks, one needs to know the best programming language to perform the given tasks. There exists numerous programming languages e.g c, c++, python, perl, Java, php and many more. In this article, we are going to discuss and make you get acquainted about PHP language.

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PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source general-
purpose scripting language that is widely used for the development of websites. This is because it is easily embedded in HTML programming platform as its codes are enclosed in special start and end processing instructions that allow you to jump into and out of “PHP mode.”

The special thing about PHP programming language is that its codes are executed on the server and hence the HTML coding area on the user/ client side. This makes the whole process of coding very easier even for those who don’t know programming at all.
Learning PHP is very simple for any new learner, but has more advanced features that are even used by professional and expert programmers.

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