World Leaders Condemn Somalia Mass Bomb Killings

World leaders from the United States, England, Canada and France have emphatically censured the end of the week suicide bombarding in Somalia, the most noticeably bad assault in the nation to date with at any rate 250 deaths.

Saturday’s bombing happened at an intersection in Hodan, a clamoring business centre of the capital Mogadishu which has many shops, hotels furthermore, companies. Many individuals were in the area at the moment of the bombing.

United States, United Kingdom
The United States condemned the bombing “in the strongest terms” in a statement released by the State Department.
Washington “will continue to stand with the Somali government, its people, and our international allies to combat terrorism and support their efforts to achieve peace, security, and prosperity,” the statement added.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said his country “condemns in the strongest terms the cowardly attacks in Mogadishu, which have claimed so many innocent lives”.
French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted:
“Solidarity with Somalia. Support to the African Union against Islamist terrorist groups. France stands by your side”.
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted:
“The attacks in Somalia are horrifying & Canada condemns them strongly. We mourn with the Canadian Somali community today”.